Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Movies- The good ones just keep coming

The last 4 movies that I have watched, have all just been amazing stuff. All 4 different types of movies, but for no moment did any of them stop to Amaze me. The 4 being Up(English-Cartoon), Unnaipol Oruvan(Tamil), Oru Pennum Randaanum(Malayalam) and Kaminey(Hindi). If I were asked to choose the best 1 among the 4, I'm sure it would'nt be possible, each one may be called the best in its respective class. I've already written about Kaminey and it stands out for Priyanka and Shahid's performances. Oru Pennum Randaanum is directed by Adoor Gopalkrishnan, who is prolly the finest director today. No, the movie is not an entertainer, but every shot in it will tell you just how great a story teller Adoor is. A period movie that it is, has been captured perfectly will in an amazing style. But you might doze off as I did, considering its not a masala movie. Art at its best.
Going to Unnaipol Oruvan. A remake of "Wednesday". This one is great too, but no not as good as the Hindi version. Its just a treat to watch Kamal and Lal on one screen. Kamal is not as convincing as Naseeruddin Shah and Lal outperforms him, but the movie is just a treat. A few unnecessary scenes make it slightly less crisp than the Hindi version. But then thats expected of a Tamil movie.
UP is just the cutest movie you'll see in a long long time. The characters, you'll keep them close to your heart. You'll cry and you'll laugh. I would'nt suggest you watch the other 3 movies, but this one is a must watch. Its as much for the older people as for the kids, probably much more for grown ups.
I wish more n more of such movies keep getting made, or I'll have to step in and make a sequel to "ONE LAST TIME". :p

Friday, August 28, 2009

Its Awefome!

I left offife at Five forty. And the fow was at fix. Drove at moderate feeds, but managed to reach on time. But the ticket counter guy told me the movie began 4 mintef back. Got the ticketf and got in any way. The firft 15 minutef me n my friend could not underfand a thing. But then flowly we did fart(oopf not really) getting a feel of the movie. Not for one moment doef it fail to entertain you. Thofe who have read my 'Why meet at all' blog will know I dont like this chocolate hero much. But boy what a performance he haf put up af Charlie. Guddu is good too. And Priyanka is amazing. The rest of the caft, well no commentf. They all have juft put up an amazing performanfe. No fingle scene where u feel comedy has been forfed into the movie. It all looked so amazingly natural. Hatf off to the director. I'm giving thif 9 on 10. Two hourf and 15 minutef later we came out and agreed on fomething for the firft time! 'The Movie was great'. And I'll watch it again!
If you aint feen thif, you miffing something great!
Padne ke baad to aapko lagega ifne har baar fa ko fa nahi kaha, lekin Charlie ne har ek dialogue mein fa ko fa hi bola..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Flight

It was the first time I got into an aircraft. In fact reached the airport a good one and a half hour before the scheduled reporting time. Too early, and I could not even go have a smoke cos I had my parents standing right next to me. Could not send them back home, cos they'd not come to see me off, they were... Wait, I was traveling with them to Delhi. And we sat there and sat there and sat there. I rated 21 air hostesses(or the staff, who cares) and another 47 passengers(or their relatives, who cares). Yes, I was counting too! As the 68th beautiful damsel(its another fact that I'd rated many of them one out of ten, but this one got an 8), I heard an announcement that I cant exactly recall, but it definitely got us moving to the 'god-knows-what-name' lounge. As we stood there I saw 3 tunnels. And a display above each one giving the flight number and Destination. No I did not think it was the aircraft parked there. But then we took one of the tunnels, which turned out to be just 10meters long and we were in to the runway. No wait it was not the runway, it was... uh whatever the name was. That was where aircrafts were parked. But then we got into a bus from there. It wasn't recession so there was no way I'd think they'd take us to Delhi in a bus with Jet Airways, I think, written all over it. Not that I would have had a problem with that, the bus was just amazing, for someone used to traveling by BMTC. Well those were before the days of Volvos and Marcopolos and the Mercs buses(Yes you can find Mercedes buses running on Bangalore-Mysore route now). As I got out of the bus, there stood a majestic Boeing 737(go verify that :p). Oow I'm getting into this! I'd love to see that 8/10 air-hostess on board getting me chocolate candies. As we got in we were greeted by No. 69, 5.5/10. She had a tray in hand with some dumb(is that teh word) chocolates. As we entered the cabin. No wait not the cabin, or was it. Whatever, No 70 4/10 now took us to our seats. The seat numbers were F something, cant recall the exact numbers. I didnt want the window seat, I wanted to be closer to where No 68 would come. So I let dad have the window seat and luckily no one came to take the middle seat. Some more time I sat there and No 70 kept walking around. It was time for take off! Lights were glowing. Seat belt time. Some one spoke over the speakers while No 70 stood at the front and proved she'd watched the Sunday 1pm(i think) news on DD1 regularly. I looked upto check if the oxygen masks would come down. They didnt. Now the flight started moving slowly. Taxiing is what they call it. I looked out of the window. Nothing worthwhile, but I knew we were on the runway(yes it was). Now there was sudden acceleration and no I was not thrown back. A few seconds and I could make out the difference in sound(well I think I did) as the flight took off. Wow that really was a sight as I saw HAL and Marathalli under us. Someone, Must have been the captain or the pilot(are both the same?), kept telling us the altitude. After some time I didnt know the altitude, but I could see the clouds. Did I tell you, theyd given us some wet towels. Didnt know what that was for, but I just aped dad. I eagerly waited for an announcement saying 'We're running into rough weather, expect some turbulence'. Ah no such thing did happen, but they announced they'd be serving lunch. I picked up a newspaper or a magazine, jet airways one.. Still turned around the pages. The trolley meanwhile reached our seat. I slowly looked up expecting No 68 or even a good enough No. 71. Eyes met her chest. And then up, beard! Up, turban! She was a he. A sardarji. "Veg or Non-veg sir" he asked twice. My dad said some thing. I took the parcel from him, disappointment all over my face. The food was not bad, in fact was good. Nice fish curry and all. Three hours after getting into the flight(or was it 3.5) one more announcement to fasten our seat belts. And whoo the touch down gave me a better high than the take off. One day I'd want to fly something similar. We got out of the flight and into the bus and I started counting again, 71, 72, 73. We waited for our baggage near a chain or a belt(Now I realize that I dont know the names for a lot of things, including the 81 rated pieces, which went upto 97 by the time, I got into my brothers car. I actually wanted to write a story here, but turned out to be something else. Any way I've written and that after 3 months! Good job Adi.

Monday, February 16, 2009

V-Day Blues

I heard the constant clatter of vessels, as I drifted out of my dreams. I could hear mom murmuring, irritated at all of us sleeping till eternity. All of us included my dad and sister. My eyelids opened up, adjusting to the light of another day. I looked at the ceiling and 'Yawn'. My hand automatically moved, drifted under the pillow and emerged with the Nokia 5300. This has been a routine for the past 4 years. I pressed the disconnect button and watched the LCD glow to tell me it was 11:23AM. Right below it, was written 14-02-2009. I put down the mobile phone and rolled around towards the window and gently eased it open. I glanced outside to see, the neighbor aunt walk out the back door with a bucket full of clothes. Her son followed her out with a red baloon in hand. Thats when something bothered me. I jumped up and picked up my mobile to look at the date once again. Valentines day! Priya! SouthIndese! Muthalik! Red Roses! Baloons! Ram Sena! 11 o'clock! Lunch! Hold my hand and walk! Pink Chaddis! Will you be my Valentine!! A host of thoughts ran across my mind. I looked at my mobile once again and noticed something that had not caught my attention till then. '9 Missed Calls' it screamed. I pressed 'Show' and it did show me 9 rows with Priya's name all over. Oh oww.. I pressed Call and waited impatiently listening to Brian Adams tellin me 'Everything I do I do it for you'.
No Answer. I tried a couple more times and then jumped off the bed. Shot off to the bathroom and was ready in 10minutes.
My mom walked into the room just as I pocketed my wallet.
'Where you going?'
'Hmmm.. errr.. Office...' and I put my head into my cupboard to emerge out with my ID Card.
She stared at me and said 'Go have breakfast'
No! I had no time to argue. I jumped onto the dining table and gulped down the tea and had one dosa. My dog came down to me and started licking my feet. I pushed him away slowly and went out of the house. Literally ran to the bus stop and waited there for what seemed like eternity. 'You dont have a bike, Dont fall in love' I realized.
I got into the bus and purchased a ticket to Shivajinagar. I picked up my mobile phone and called her once again. Nope! No replies.
Yesterday she'd mocked me saying, 'I'll wait for you! For ever!' . She must be dead angry with me and waiting at SouthIndese. She wouldnt be angry with me after Chettinad Chicken and Duck Vinadloo and finally Tropical Iceberg. Girls have a weird sense of taste.
After what was 'unusually' high Saturday Traffic, I reached Shivajinagar. Popped into an Auto and asked for '100ft rd, Indira Nagar'. I got out of the Auto paid the guy, picked up my mobile and confirmed it was 12:16PM. I slowly walked into the Restaurant. The guy at the entrance asked me 'Do you have a booking, sir?'
Uhh I did not know what should have been my reply. 'Yes.. Just came to have a look'
He looked back at me wondering 'Is this a museum'. He opened the door either way. I walked in slowly, not knowing what had to be done.
'Beep Beep' My mobile announced that some one had sent me a message, helping me easy out of the 'I'm an Idiot look'. I picked up the mobile, flipped it open at the same time looking around. 'Incomming Message Priya'. I stood there and read the message 'Come out'.
I smiled, pocketed the mobile and walked out with the door-keeper giving me that look again. I could not see her outside the restaurant. Must be hiding somewhere 'Weird Games, these girls play'.
I stood there looking around with that dumb look again. Someone tapped my shoulder, just then. Must be her I thought and did not turn around. Taps again and then a male voice 'Adiii'.
Now what! I turned around and met his eyes. Krishna. Beside him the ever so beautiful Priya stood there. He had his hands around her hip. She looked at me and the bitterness showed. Well could I really blame her? She did have a soft corner for him.
It seemed a long time before Krishna broke the silence 'We came out for lunch dude. What about you?'. Thats when I noticed the single red rose she was holding.
'Aah Was just passing by. Came to meet a friend'
She may not have told him, I was supposed to be there.
'Ok chal see you guys, have a nice time' I shook his hand and walked away.
I had barely walked a few feet, when I saw a Sumo whizz past and come to a screeching halt. And out stepped 7 guys holding saffron flags. The self proclaimed 'Protectors of Indian Ethos'. For once I liked them. Krishna and Priya were surrounded. I froze. Dont hurt her I prayed to the 'real' Krishna. And the big 175 pound guy picked out a Rakhi from his pocket. And the rest as you can see is the 70mm Smile on my face.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


"Is it always like this? Is it the same way for every one else?" I used to think. I could almost see misery everywhere. Were the others too suffering like me? Most of them were I knew. And I knew for sure.
Does he love me as he claims to? I really cant be sure of that. I never can be. Every morning, every evening, he uses me. He says, he feels great. He tells his friends, I'm great. How disgusting? How can a man be so cheap? I would wonder.
But I am getting used to all this. Its been two years, we've been bonded. And bonded they say for life. The initial few months we were inseparable. He would take very good care of me. Take me out. Introduce me to his friends. They all secretly were jealous of him, I know. A few of them were giving me those looks, trying to grab my attention. Looking all over me. I felt a bit weird, feeling like an exhibition show piece. They were hitting one me. But he loved me a lot, I thought.
But as time went by, he began showing his true colors. Or so I thought. He did not care much about me. He would leave me all alone for hours together. He would just come to me when he wanted and would leave me somewhere or anywhere. He did not care. And then that dreaded day came. I knew it would come. I knew it. He let one of his friends have me. "Just one hour" I heard them say. It bought tears to my eyes. But I obeyed him like the ever faithful wife. What else could I do?
He thinks he owns me. And may be he really does. What else could I do? No where I could go, in this cruel world. "All men are the same" I knew it. Yes, I knew it.
And then one day, we were going hand in hand. I knew it was coming. I knew it was coming. But I could not take insult no more. I knew it was coming. I did not warn him. And then it was just a flash. I watch him, now lying in a pool of blood underneath the lorry, next to the divider. I too have been wounded, but no wound compared to what I have been through. I lie here looking at him die. I may never be the same again, but I got my revenge in the end.
And for all the times he took pleasure, I finally proved I am "DEFINITELY MALE".

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The big Indian Double Standard

Double standards?
India along with Israel and USA are the countries most affected by terrorism. Well thats a notion most people in India and the west have. But in the past other European countries like Spain and UK have been at the receiving end of serious terror attacks. Well, these forms of terror need to be tackled. The USA has done it successfully. Israelis have been doing it but are yet to see complete success. Europe is united against terror and they look to have it under control. So that brings us to India. Attack after attack have been a common thing in India. We have lost over 50,000 lives to terror since Independence. And we still do not seem to have a concrete measure to tackle the issue. But post-Mumbai the government seems to have woken up and we have been promised concrete measures. But anyway that'll not be the point that I'll try to drive home.
How many of us have noticed the double standards that Indians have when it comes to tackle terror. There is one small country in the Southern hemisphere that has been witnessing a different kind of terror. And now for 38 years. Terror that is not related to a religion. If I were a media person I'd promptly name it 'Tamil Terror'. Why does India not recognize that Srilanka has been facing the same kind of terror in Jaffna that India has been witnessing in Kashmir. Its a group of separatist who want a country of their own. And what for? Do we not tell 'them', if u dont love India u may as well go away to Pakistan? Then why this double standard here? If one Armyman called 'some' politicians 'Jokers', why on earth is India so bothered? Why dont they mind their own business? The politicians say 'They are our people' so the feelings. If thats the case, then why not bring them back to our country, why should they be fighting another country and to break it up? Is there any logic there? And if they are ethnic Jaffnites, then why the heck should our people call them ours? Only because they speak the same language? Do you know that the LTTE is banned in 32 countries, including India. And we lost one of our most promising Prime Ministers to these terrorists. But still we have 'jokers' openly supporting them and there is nothing the country can do about it.
Let the country stand united and lets not interfere in some other country's internal issues.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

You lost me

I have voted four times. And none of the times have I seen a symbol other than the Lotus on the EVMs. Well, now thats gonna change. It all started with the BJP opposing the nuclear deal. Well if the country did not come first, then sorry buddy. And next was the very guy I voted for, Mr HT Sangliana, cross-voting. Sigh and it was not for the nuke deal. Next 6 MLAs from the opposition resign from the JD(S) and Congress and their seats too. All of them are inducted into the cabinet and they'll be fighting on a BJP ticket(Hope they all lose). And now look at the party's reaction after the Mumbai blasts. No Mr Advani, I admire you, but no my country comes first.
And hell no, I'm not gonna vote for any other of these political party(Congress, JD, Left, BSP or any other rotten eggs). Let me join the majority of youth who have no faith in democracy and will not vote. Will not vote until we the youth come forward with an alternative.
I want a safe India. One that is safe for all my countrymen and women.

"Krishna nee beganee baaro"
"Come back as anyone, comeback and save my India, our India"